Two-Way Lab Integration with IDEXX Reference Labs and IDEXX VetLab

DVMAX v8 makes it easier than ever to integrate lab requisitions with IDEXX Reference Labs and IDEXX VetLab Station Network. You can now seamlessly send lab requests directly from DVMAX to IDEXX Reference Lab Services and your IDEXX Vet Lab Station Network, and have those results automatically downloaded into the patient record. The integration of automatic lab requisitions will speed up lab workflow by streamlining the requisition and submission process, eliminate the need to manually complete forms and provide you with the ability to reconcile any changes to a requisition with an associated client invoice.

- Two-way integration with IDEXX VetLab Station Network and full suite of IDEXX in-house lab instruments.
- Two-way connectivity with IDEXX Reference Lab
- Automatic creation of lab requisitions when you create an MRE with a linked requisition code.
- Automatic download of lab results to patient medical records.
- New smart mapping feature generates a list of your clinic’s 30 top selling lab bill items for you to link to lab requisition codes.
- New Reconciliation feature eliminates missed diagnostic charges.