DVMAXSync “One-Click” Remote Processing
“One-Click” Synchronization: DVMAXSync allows the remote veterinarian to update patient records with “one click”. This new synchronization feature automatically updates records changed in the field with your main server. DVMAXSync lets satellite clinics, remote veterinarians and equine specialists synchronize records – including client, patient and invoicing data - easily, quickly and confidently. DVMAXSync remote processing allows you to work in the field just as you would in the main office. Create medical records, edit client and patient details, process payments and present invoices in the field!

- Save time – “one click” synchronization is quick and easy to use.
- Automatic synchronization – DVMAX automatically updates your records.
- Streamlined process - No need to take down your server to synchronize records.
- Present invoices - Create and print invoices in the field.
- Process payments – Client account balances are updated in the field.

DVMAXSync replaces the original Remote Processing (RP) functionality in DVMAX.