Full Charge Capture

DVMAX Invoicing and the Value of Full Charge Capture
A typical invoicing system allows you to bill your clients for goods and services. DVMAX takes this a step further by interconnecting the common invoicing features with your Patient Records. The simple act of creating a Medical Record Entry automatically transfers data to an Invoice, Health Check Report Card and the Patient Medical History.

How it works:
Every line item on an invoice in DVMAX is associated with a particular patient in your clinic. DVMAX takes advantage of this relationship by transferring the item entered on an invoice line item directly to the history, or record, of the patient associated with the line item. The item transferred, in turn, can cause any number of other changes to that patient’s record. This powerful feature means that the invoice can be the entry point for keeping track of your practice’s financials and your practice’s patients.

Standard Invoicing in DVMAX can update a patient’s record every time a line item is added to an invoice. Invisible Invoicing automatically creates an invoice for you as you work on patient records. Invisible Invoicing is the heart of a paperless office, where all information goes directly into the patient record and DVMAX generates billing from those entries. Over-the-Counter Invoices record walk-in sales that are not associated with regular clients of your practice.