DVMAX Delivers The Paperless Practice

When it comes to keeping medical records, DVMAX gives you the tools to do it quickly and effectively, all while guaranteeing that charges for medical entries are automatically captured in the final invoice. The simple act of creating a Medical Record Entry automatically transfers data to an Invoice, Health Check Report Card and the Patient Medical History. You can also use the pre-built Clinical Findings to structure your Medical Notes while simultaneously creating Referral and Discharge letters with the built-in Word Processor. DVMAX Macros can help speed the entry of common and lengthy notes while Super Items allow you to quickly select the groups of services you provide most often for your patients.

By deploying DVMAX in your clinic you’ll rediscover why you computerized your practice in the first place. Increased efficiency, minimized loss of charges and the ability to market to your clients in ways you never did before - these are the reasons you initially computerized your practice. These will also be the compelling reasons to switch from your current software to a truly ‘paperless’ world. Let DVMAX provide these efficiencies and take your practice to the next level.

DVMAX is Fast and Easy - With the click of a button, you can create a Medical Record Entry in a patient’s file.
DVMAX Makes the Most of Your Time - The single simple act of creating a Medical Record Entry gives you data you can utilize in multiple places.
DVMAX Increases Revenue - The paperless practice means DVMAX more than pays for itself, year after year!
DVMAX Doesn’t Make “Typos”- Our efficient point-and-click interface provides accurate results every time.
DVMAX Integrates With most Existing Systems - By working with other common devices and files, DVMAX becomes the digital hub of your practice.
Over 20 Years of Experience - Our commitment to our customers is proven by our track record of timely, useful updates and support.