Regulatory Compliance

DVMAX is regulatory compliant

DVMAX Research has been designed to comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11 standards and offers automatic record protection for all medical entries. Audit trails are maintained for all animal medical information as well. Since DVMAX Research maintains complete medical records as a single entity for the user, there is no need to collect information from multiple sources or locations. The ability to access the medical records simultaneously from multiple points allows staff to spend less time looking for records and more time reviewing and creating

CFR part 11 Compliant, GLP Standards Compliant, ISO 9000 Certified

Easy access to complete animal records, including imaging and lab data, also simplifies the inspection process of the USDA and other governing bodies. Simplifying the inspection process results in less citations, fines, and time spent conforming to requirements. Recent proposed revisions to 9 CFR Part 2 explicitly require full medical record keeping for animal research facilities. All of this is provided by a development environment that is ISO 9000 certified.